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Always Thinking About You... Probably Not

ALWAYS Thinking About You... Probably Not

The beauty of being part of a system, in our case a franchise system, is the sharing. When someone in one part of the brand has a win, they are willing to share it in the hopes that it can be a winner for you too. Here is one of those stories from our archives: If you are lucky enough to be desperately and passionately in love with someone who is desperately and passionately in love with you, there is for sure one person who is always thinking if you, and that's probably it. Your kids, even your grand kids, are not thinking about you all the time. So, I am certain that your customers and your potential customers forget about you on a regular basis. Last year was a great year for Instant Imprints! And truth be told, we did exactly one thing different... we talked to our customers every week. We chose to do that through a blog, that we email to our customers each week. But that is certainly not the only way to do it. I know someone in Canada, who is in the same business as us, that uses a mailed piece to accomplish the same regular contact with his customer base and has been doing that for 5 years now. The list of communication options is growing consistently longer - mail, email, phone, blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare and many more. Pick the one(s) that works for you and is appreciated by your customers... and then be consistent. Again, there is no right definition for " the frequency of consistent". I hear, passionate arguments, for anything from 3 times a day to quarterly. But it should be manageable for you and appreciated by your customers. So my advice for building your business in 2017? Pick a method of communication, pick a frequency, start now, do it all year... you'll like what happens, I'm sure if it.

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